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Color correction services are aimed at correcting image or photo problems. This service can be used for increasing (or decreasing) brightness and contrast or to increase the sharpness of an image. Usually, these problems are caused due to poor lighting, over-exposure and other similar problems, over which you may not have control or lack the required knowledge to get perfect pictures.

Try Color Correction for better image!!!

If you have ever wondered that your old and faded family photo could have been great if it wasn’t for that one annoying thing, then photo retouching is the solution to your problem.Photographs have a special place in our lives. They give a nostalgic feeling and help us to relive the time that has gone by.
Photo retouching has become a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved.Photo retouching is usefull changing for several purpose as color of the hair and clothing can also be adjusted.
If the environmental factors and time have distorted your photo, then it can be improved, to a certain extent, by photo retouching .

Advantages of Clipping path

  • Clipping path allows an image editor to define a path.
  • Clipping path can improve your images
  • Clipping path is essentially a tool that allows ‘cutting away’ the objects that are within the frame. We can separate any object from the rest of them in a frame. This cut out object can be pasted on another surface or background for various purposes.

    Are you disappointed with a picture that you want to use in a magazine cover or advertisement?

    Maybe it is not that bad, but you feel it could have been better. Probably there is a need to change some colors; maybe some features in the picture deserve to be more spectacular. Or, maybe adding some special effects in some parts of the picture can make it stand out. Whatever you need, Image Masking is at your service. Image Masking works as an expert cosmetic surgeon on your picture’s beautification.

    Image Masking refers to a collection of close-ended clipping paths in a same image, let for various changes. When you hear the term Image Masking or Photoshop Masking, you probably would get an impression exactly the opposite of what the process does to your photograph. Image Masking is primarily used to separate objects from its backdrop without missing the minute details of even intrinsic hairstyles.

    More on Image Masking

    Image Masking or Photo Masking technique uses channels to fork out your most complex image with clean edges. You can remove the background of the most difficult image in a perfect fashion by using Alpha Channel masking technique. Graphic artists use this method to pull out a particular image and put it down in a desired background.
    Uses of Image Masking

    Almost all product catalogues undergo Image Masking. This technique is also widely used for Promotional and Display purposes. Today, Image Masking has become a crucial factor for product and fashion photography to make photos more appealing to perform in the glamour world.

    Give your Image Masking jobs to experts

    The process of Image Masking or Photo Masking can be very tiresome. This process demands a lot of skill, passion, and dedications, and it devours much of your time depending on the image area to be masked. So it is always advisable to let the experts handle your Image Masking jobs.

    There are many Image Editing and Image Masking service providers available in the market. However, the quality of work at Group Digital Media Technology (D.M.T) is unmatched. At Group DMT, complex images are cut out, colored, altered, and imported to any backdrop skillfully with perfection within a short time. Their team of Image Masking experts exploits all the extensive features of Photoshop challenging the tedium to weave out outputs with matchless perfection.
    With Image Masking technique, getting a perfect picture is no more a problem now.

    Photo Retouching Image Restoration

    If you have ever wondered that your old and faded family photo could have been great if it wasn’t for that one annoying thing, then photo retouching is the solution to your problem.
    Photo retouching involves the use of image editing techniques to photos in order to develop better photos. So now you do not have to be disappointed or annoyed with poor photos because you can always get it redone with photo retouching and other image editing techniques.

    Why is photo retouching so important?

    Good quality pictures are necessary in many things nowadays. If you want to better your pictures, make them look more dramatic and glamorous, or if you want to put some distractions in the picture, you can always find some experts who are good at photo retouching. Having good pictures on your websites and in your magazines can indeed add more appeal to it.
    In today’s world, almost all professional pictures go through glamour enhancement using photo retouching before they are published. Even if you have the most advanced camera in terms of technology, it will often have some limitations in giving you the best picture. However, you can always apply photo retouching technique to poor pictures to get the best pictures.

    Photo retouching is an expert’s job

    Photo retouching is not just about changing an image meaninglessly. Photo retouching is definitely an expert’s job. Photo retouching and glamour improvement require Photoshop specialists powered with deep understanding about photography and communication as well.
    So if you are still thinking about how to get the perfect picture, then Group Digital Media Technology (D.M.T) can fulfill all your image editing and photo retouching needs.
    Group D.M.T has been offering excellent quality service in the Photo retouching business successfully for the past 25 years. Their state-of-the-art infrastructure, high-end technology, quick turnaround time, cost-effective services, easy and multiple payment options, and commitment to real customer satisfaction have made them one of the best in the business.
    Let’ make photo retouching the photos to magnify its beauty.

    How color correction helped me to fetch a good job is an interesting tale.

    It so happened that the other day I saw an advertisement in the morning’s newspaper. It said, ‘Wanted Customer Relationship Executive.’ I got hooked by it. I had always been interested in meeting and interacting with people. After my graduation, I wanted to get into the job that will allow me to do this. And now, an international company was offering a similar job.
    I never wanted to miss this job. I carefully prepared my resume. The firm had asked for a latest photograph of the applicant as they wanted a good looking person for the post. I had no doubts about my looks, but wanted my latest photograph captured that too, within a couple of days.
    So I went to the nearest studio and had me photographed in a suit. But when I received the images, I was disappointed. My suit was looking dull on the studio background, and it affected my looks as well. I was looking gloomy. I was sure that this would cost me the new job. I asked the photographer to do color correction and he raised his hands.
    I had no option but to search for other color correction services. Searching for the best color correction service turned out to be a tough task. Some color correction services were costly, some were slow, and some lacked expertise, whereas, to my surprise, some other color correction services lacked even the basic understandings of color correction.
    Finally, I landed at one Digital Media Technology, a Bangkok based company with European management. They are expert in image editing services like color correction, photo retouching, etc. What they did to my image with color correction within an hour is, in simple terms, magic! They did color correction and retouching. I couldn’t believe my own eyes that color correction can change an image to such an extent. Color correction changed the shade of my suit and background as well. I and my photo looked impressive.
    After color correction improved my looks, I did waste no time in applying for the job; and happily they did not waste time in calling me for an interview. My photograph after color correction created the first positive impression and made the job easier to get for me. Now I am happily employed at the company. Thanks to color correction and DMT.

    Color Correction to perfection

    Good images of your products, facilities or even people are important to make an impression on your target audience. The problem is that, even with the availability of highly advanced digital cameras, there is plenty of scope for human errors, leaving one with a poorly captured image.

    In addition, you may have damaged or old photographs that you want to use for endorsement, or on special occasions. Whatever the end use, color correction service can give a professional and new look to all your photographs.

    What is color correction all about?

    Just like actors who get a cosmetic and wardrobe make-over before appearing in front of the camera, the process of color correction attempts to do the same thing for product packaging in order to gain design and brand recognition.
    In color correction sharpness and contrast levels are adjusted and the values of color channels are altered to get the desired result.

    Importance of color correction

    Your old photographs have lost their luster and look distorted because some of the important parts have been lost or have become faded. Even with a new photograph, the contrast or sharpness may suffer because of bad lighting or due to a number of technical reasons in the way you operated the camera.

    Color correction services are aimed at correcting such problems. This service can be used for increasing (or decreasing) brightness and contrast or to increase the sharpness of an image. Usually, these are problems that are caused due to poor lighting, over-exposure and other similar problems, over which you may not have control or lack the required knowledge to get perfect pictures.

    Other benefits of color correction service include:

    • Correcting the white balance
    • Setting the right brightness, contrast and sharpness of the images
    • Removing inappropriate color casts
    • Improving and maintaining consistency in balance and tone
    • Correcting contrast and density in various color channels
    • Setting the right pixilation of images to guarantee clearness and resolution for image printability.

    Outsource your color correction work to experts

    Poor photos can be made perfect. However, not everyone is expert at manipulating their photos to give them the perfect looks. So it is a good idea to outsource your work to people who have the expertise in image editing and color correction services.

    There are many advantages in outsourcing color correction services to experts. Other than saving on time and cost, you can also get access to professional image editing services.

    A professional image editing company can change your photographs into sharp and clear pictures, with the perfect blend of colors, at highly competitive rates.

    Outsourcing your work helps to reserve your internal resources for highly specific, quality work. Also, you can get quality services without the trouble of investing in new infrastructure and human resources. The end results will definitely justify the small cost that you incur on outsourcing your work.
    Go for a make-over of your image with color correction and change the outlook of people in your photographs.

    Importance of image editing Service

    Images have the power to influence a person’s decision in many cases. The development of computer technology has changed many things. Today, with image editing service technology you can add special effects to existing pictures. Image editing service e is also an important tool to improve pictures that have flaws.
    Many of us love clicking photographs. However, most of us experience disappointment when we see the prints. With image editing service, you can make your pictures come much closer to the way you saw them in the viewfinder, rather than the way the camera lens saw them. Our eyes have the power to filter detail and focus our attention, while the camera is simply a recording device. Image editing service helps us humanize the picture-taking process.

    Basic elements of image editing service

    Clipping Path: It is one of the most resource intensive elements of the design process. This image editing service process uses a vector path to separate objects from their background or layer. They are created to hide unwanted portions of an image, creating separate paths for both the image and a frame for the graphic.
    Color Correction Mask: This image editing service process involves adjusting tone in images for inaccurate color, color casts, overexposure, underexposure, and more.
    Soft masking: This image editing service process involves combining an image with a background to create the appearance of partial transparency. It is very helpful in depicting various image elements in separate passes, and then joining the resulting multiple 2D images into a single, finished image.
    Remove Things: Using stamping tools in Photoshop, unsuitable objects and/or areas in an image can be removed. The background can then be recreated and amended as per your requirements.
    Cartoon Coloring: For that very classic cartoon look, you can get your cartoons colored as per your requests with this image editing service tool.
    Vector Graphics: This image editing service process involves the application of geometrical factors like points, lines, curves, and different shapes, based on mathematical formulas, for the representation of images in computer graphics.
    Flash Animation: By incorporating this image editing service technique, you can see your complex processes, services, or products in action. 2D Flash animation is a very good and convenient way to show your products or ideas that can be hard to understand, and the processes, that may not be viewed easily by human eyes.

    I have availed the services of many image editors in the market. However, I was blown away with the service I received from Group Digital Media Technology (D.M.T). They are experts in image editing service and prepress services, and have been delivering quality services to their customers for the past 25 years. I thank Group D.M.T for their excellent understanding of my needs.

    Photo editing Techniques

    Photographs have a special place in our lives. They give a nostalgic feeling and help us to relive the time that has gone by. However, some photographs that you clicked many years ago, might give you a feeling of disappointment if it has faded or is torn and worn out, and no longer has the power to bring alive the moments that you cherished the most. This is when photo retouching comes into the picture.
    Photo Restoration is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to enhance or correct the photographs through analog or digital means. Due to its uses, cultural impact, and moral concerns, photo retouching has become a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved.
    Repair the common photograph problems with photo retouching
    Cracking: If your photo lacks sharpness and has several cracks throughout the picture, then this can be repaired using photo retouching.
    Extreme Fading: If some part of your photo has faded and lost important details, then photo retouching is the solution to the problem.

    Tone and Contrast:If your photo lacks contrast and sharpness and if the tone of the photo has also changed, then photo retouching can do the rescue work for your photo.
    Color fading and Shifting: If the image in your photo has faded and the colors have also shifted, then go for photo retouching.
    Exposure Problems: If your photo was underexposed leaving the images too dark and facial details unclear, then you can get things right by photo retouching.
    Significant Damage: If the environmental factors and time have distorted your photo, then it can be improved, to a certain extent, by photo retouching.
    So if your photo suffers from any of the defects mentioned above, and you are wondering how to get it repaired, then Group Digital Media Technology (D.M.T) is there to sort your problems. It is a one-stop-shop for all your Photo retouching and image editing needs. They have been delivering high quality and cost effective services for the past 25 years and their commitment to real customer satisfaction have made them one of the best in the business.

    Prepress Service

    Images have a unique power on the page — the power to get your reader’s attention and to express or improve your message. Images help the reader scrutinize the page and find entry points into the text. They give the reader an idea about the text and help the reader determine his or her interest in diving into it. They also can help a reader quickly understand complex ideas. Long texts no matter how interesting, can become boring at some point of time. However, images can relieve the boredom of gray type.
    Today, almost every company wants to display their products on the internet and attract potential customers. So putting the appropriate image or improving the existing image can make a huge difference to the growth and profit your business.

    Go for Prepress service
    One of the most effective, and yet ignored ways to differentiate yourself from the competition and improve conversion is to optimize the images on your website. While getting the right image for your product is absolutely vital, thinking about making an image completely on your own is a mistake. Even if you are good at selecting colors and have a sense of what you want your product image to look like, it is still advisable to hand your work to prepress service providers.
    Prepress service providers are experts at photo manipulation, photo retouching, image stitching, image blending, color cast removal, perspective correction, sky change, conversion of raw images, image enhancement, image clipping, image masking, photo restoration and many other related services.

    Advantages of outsourcing your work to a Prepress service provider

    When you outsource your work to Prepress service providers, you can be guaranteed that they will take care of all your prepress requirements from beginning to end. Some of the benefits that you can get from Prepress service are:
    •    Concentrate more on your core business functions
    •    No need to invest in expensive software and technology
    •    Save on cost, time and effort
    •    Benefit from professional prepress service
    •    Get your work done quickly
    •    Benefit from multiple payment options offered by some of the prepress service provider.

    Remember, the only representation of your product that will be on view is the image. So get the image right by availing prepress service, and see your business soar to new heights.