A plainly clicked image may not prove to be good enough for showcasing in a promotional display of a document like a product catalogue or a brochure. In such cases the image quality needs to be very high and should be able to show clear lines and edges. But all photographs do not fit the bill, and some are bad enough, in which the details miss out due to blurry outline, while some others may have under defined edges which mix with the background. Image masking comes to rescue in cases where clipping path cannot be used because of complexity of the object outlines.

In such a case the photos need to be retouched for a better look and utility. Image masking is one of the most important element s of photo editing procedures.  Image masking is majorly utilized to cleave a particular object in the photo from its background. This extracted image can then be attached with the desired background to give a new look and feel to the previous image. The tools used for image masking include the pen tool, magic wand, lasso tool etc. These tools can help the graphic designer to:

  • To change and customize a background
  • To improve the quality of the image by changing colors and adjust transparency
  • To create customized advertisements , or magazine covers
  • Allow changing particular elements of a picture like hairstyle dress color etc
  • Save silhouette selection of a image and use it for another image

Getting the best help for image masking

It takes an extensive knowledge about color combinations, and creative visualization to create a fine digital photograph. Only a professional who is expert at the tools and has a widespread experience in working with different styles of photographs, can make the best use of complex image masking tools. The group DMT is a group of graphic designing experts with over 25 years of experience in the digital photo editing.  They are well known for their high quality work and have a wide range of satisfied client list.