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How Prepress is useful for removing unwanted things from my photos??
I had gone for a holiday three years ago and had brought back a prized possession from my holiday. Yes you guessed it right! It was a photo album of the lovely time I spent during my holiday. However, when I saw the photos, I wished I was a better photographer, because some of the photographs didn’t please me at all. Then one of my friends advised me to send the photos to people who are experts in Prepress service, and they will make the photos, just as I wanted them to be. I specifically wanted some things to be removed from the photos and change the background of some of the photos. I went to a Prepress service provider and realized that I had come to the right place.
Prepress service providers can make your photos look the best, even if you have not clicked them properly.
To remove the unwanted things from my photos, the Prepress service providers used a function called “clipping path”. This is basically a vector path used to separate objects from their background or layer. This allows the objects to be placed on a new background or color.
Prepress service providers usually use clipping paths to hide unwanted portions of an image by making separate paths for both the image and a frame for the graphic. Clipping path can be freely customized without affecting the graphics frame.
Thumbs-Up to Prepress service
When I finally got my photos back, I was so thrilled to see them, because they were, just as I wanted them to be. And what made me even happier was that these prepress service providers completed my job within 24 hours. Now that’s what you call a quick turn around.
Thanks to prepress service for making the memories of my holiday so special.


How Image Masking enhance Beauty?

Photo manipulation is an ever growing association between photography and graphic design.
Combining certain elements to create a unique image or removing some elements from the image, can convince even the most experienced set of eyes.

As the manipulation of a photo gives a realistic view of an unreal picture, you should have an open mind when gathering ideas on how to get creative with your pictures.

Photo manipulations are a great source of motivation, because designers are able to express their creativity through various aspects of design. One such aspect of photo manipulation is Image Masking.

What is Image Masking all about?

Image Masking involves marking the background around the object that effectively instructs the Photoshop software to print only what is inside the selection and ignores everything that is outside. In simple words, Image Masking is isolating an object, removing an object or eliminating a background. Call it as you like, however each phrase illustrates one objective and that is taking a photo and isolating an object in it from the rest of the picture.

Image masking technique is widely used for product catalogs. Photoshop has several Image Masking tools available for a user’s changing needs. The Image Masking tools include Quick Mask, Magic Wand, Magnetic Lasso and the Pen Tool. These tools have different characteristics, but all aim for the object against a white background effect that you would find in any photo stock or image bank.

The desired effect is not as easy as it sounds, try masking one of your pictures and you would agree that Image Masking is time-consuming, arm-numbing and eye straining effort all at once. However, there are many photo manipulators that can work wonders with your images with high precision and ease.
Group Digital Media Technology (Group D.M.T) is one such company that can cater to all your Image Masking and Image Editing needs. They have been delivering high quality Image Editing and Prepress services, successfully for the past 25 years. Benefit a lot from the services of Group D.M.T and so can’t you???