How color correction helped me to fetch a good job is an interesting tale.

It so happened that the other day I saw an advertisement in the morning’s newspaper. It said, ‘Wanted Customer Relationship Executive.’ I got hooked by it. I had always been interested in meeting and interacting with people. After my graduation, I wanted to get into the job that will allow me to do this. And now, an international company was offering a similar job.
I never wanted to miss this job. I carefully prepared my resume. The firm had asked for a latest photograph of the applicant as they wanted a good looking person for the post. I had no doubts about my looks, but wanted my latest photograph captured that too, within a couple of days.
So I went to the nearest studio and had me photographed in a suit. But when I received the images, I was disappointed. My suit was looking dull on the studio background, and it affected my looks as well. I was looking gloomy. I was sure that this would cost me the new job. I asked the photographer to do color correction and he raised his hands.
I had no option but to search for other color correction services. Searching for the best color correction service turned out to be a tough task. Some color correction services were costly, some were slow, and some lacked expertise, whereas, to my surprise, some other color correction services lacked even the basic understandings of color correction.
Finally, I landed at one Digital Media Technology, a Bangkok based company with European management. They are expert in image editing services like color correction, photo retouching, etc. What they did to my image with color correction within an hour is, in simple terms, magic! They did color correction and retouching. I couldn’t believe my own eyes that color correction can change an image to such an extent. Color correction changed the shade of my suit and background as well. I and my photo looked impressive.
After color correction improved my looks, I did waste no time in applying for the job; and happily they did not waste time in calling me for an interview. My photograph after color correction created the first positive impression and made the job easier to get for me. Now I am happily employed at the company. Thanks to color correction and DMT.