Photo editing Techniques

Photographs have a special place in our lives. They give a nostalgic feeling and help us to relive the time that has gone by. However, some photographs that you clicked many years ago, might give you a feeling of disappointment if it has faded or is torn and worn out, and no longer has the power to bring alive the moments that you cherished the most. This is when photo retouching comes into the picture.
Photo Restoration is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to enhance or correct the photographs through analog or digital means. Due to its uses, cultural impact, and moral concerns, photo retouching has become a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved.
Repair the common photograph problems with photo retouching
Cracking: If your photo lacks sharpness and has several cracks throughout the picture, then this can be repaired using photo retouching.
Extreme Fading: If some part of your photo has faded and lost important details, then photo retouching is the solution to the problem.

Tone and Contrast:If your photo lacks contrast and sharpness and if the tone of the photo has also changed, then photo retouching can do the rescue work for your photo.
Color fading and Shifting: If the image in your photo has faded and the colors have also shifted, then go for photo retouching.
Exposure Problems: If your photo was underexposed leaving the images too dark and facial details unclear, then you can get things right by photo retouching.
Significant Damage: If the environmental factors and time have distorted your photo, then it can be improved, to a certain extent, by photo retouching.
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