Soft Masking And Image Editing Service for Clients…

Some clients can be too picky.  In last seven years, many a times, I had a tough time giving exactly what clients wanted. My team of publicity designers and copywriters were one of the best in business; but we assumedly lagged in putting more life in those pages. Most of the time clients were not happy with all-text copies, though they were well designed. They demanded a right mix of text and images.
We employed our own photographer to capture images, but in vain. No matter what image we put in the copy, it failed to satisfy our clients. ‘No, it’s not clear,’ ‘It’s too big,’ ‘Its focus is not clear,’ etc were their common retorts. We badly needed an expert image editor, who could help us redoing and retouching the images. But then, this expertise was hard to find.
After months of search, we approached Digital Media Technologies, a firm based at Bangkok and managed by Europeans. That turned out to be one stop shop for our entire image editing needs and pre-press solutions. They have an experience of about 25 years behind them.
We didn’t look around after that. They did soft masking (Alpha channel and composting), color correction, graphics enhancements, et al. They even helped us in designing Flash animations and digital coloring to cater for our wed-based needs. They have around 300 employees working round the clock. The best thing about them is that they allow online transfer of images and payments. They have stringent quality checks to guarantee customer satisfaction.
So if you are looking for cost effective superior quality service that caters to image editing needs, do try Group DMT, Digital Media Technologies, and be rest assured.