Oops! What’s this? I thought to myself. I was trying to get some perfect images for my company’s publicity campaign in newspapers. This campaign was supposed to accelerate our business. Designing was done in a whip, text was done after an effort; but images were giving a pain in the neck, rather in the eyes.

I searched the net for an appropriate image that could grab my attention and convey our motto without being too pompous. But most of the images were either inappropriate or too common; also they were picked up from other sites.

Then we decided to get an image of our own. Sounds easy, no? Even a professional photographer failed to satisfy us. He got many images right, but there were other problems. Either these images were not in proper ‘mood’, or ‘lighting’ wasn’t proper. Sometimes image was too large or too distant. We almost raised our hands.

Then, the net came to our rescue. Going through many professionals’ recommendations, I landed upon Digital Media Technology. These people offered a complete range of image editing services like clipping, masking and color correction, at really competitive prices. I decided to give it try.

I send them some of our selected images. They understood our requirements and did retouch the images and how! These images perfectly blended with our advertisements. It turned out to be one of our most appealing ads in years. Number of queries that we received after its publication is a testimony to what an image editing service like DMT can do to our businesses.