DMT Enhances the Color Correction Techniques

DMT specializes in making color and density correction services. In color correction, the images are initially analyzed, then imbalances are sorted out and finally they are removed or changed to give the image the desired look. DMT has a highly trained and expert team and you would be amazed by the high quality work and the fast turnaround as always! Color correction is balancing colors of objects and/or areas, highlighting details in shadow sections, adjusting contrast, bringing out details, brightening eyes, whitening teeth, body slimming, blemish & wrinkle removal, etc in images.

In color correction service, contrast and sharpness levels are adjusted and the values of color channels are changed to achieve the desired result. Sometimes improper white balance, inadequate light, improper exposure and some other factors may give your photograph a dull impact; even sometimes your hard tried photographs can lose its value. DMT can fix all these problems with their color correction techniques.

Color Correction Service at DMT

• Correction of the white balance
• Setting the right contrast, brightness and sharpness of the images
• Removing improper color casts.
• Enhancing and maintaining consistency in balance and tone.
• Correction of contrast and density in various color channels.
• Rectify issues caused by improper exposure
• Setting the right pixilation of images to ensure clarity and resolution for image printability.

Group D.M.T is always there to help you out with your images. This service level is used to correct problems in color quality and tonal range in images intended for high-class catalogs, brochures, magazines, and web publishing. In RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key [black]) modus, our trained specialists use the comprehensive set of tools in Photoshop for the images to be corrected. Color corrections are favored for beauty retouching.