Meaning of the word Clipping Path

A Clipping Path is a hard-edged mask that hides unwanted elements from an image.
The Clipping path is a highly recommended digital technique used for digital image editing, photo retouching, & corrections of an image.
They are typically used to hide the background of an image or may be used to shape an image into non-rectangular shapes, making the masked portions transparent.

Applications of Clipping Path:

A clipping path is a vector path or shape applied to segregate objects in images or photographs to retouch from image background or layer.
Hence, this technique allows the objects that are clipped from their backgrounds to be placed on different backgrounds, so that the new image with the same object but with different background is formed.
Clipping paths are created in order to remove unwanted parts of an image.
When clipping path technique is applied to an image, anything lies inside the path of image is included and everything else outside the path is excluded. Hence, clipping paths can be easily modified without messing up the background.

Clipping Path Implementation strategy:

Clipping paths i.e. photo editing are implemented using the latest  strategy of Photo shop pen tool, which removes out an image from its background.
Implementing Photo shop pen tool ensures best quality and natural curves of image. Objects in images are clipped several pixels within the images so that all lines are invisible after magnification, both on screen and on print.
Clipping Path professionals draws all clipping paths manually using only Photo shop pen tool to ensure best quality image. When the path is drawn to an image, the expert implements clipping path on it so that when it is placed in the layouts like Quark Express, Photo shop, In Design, or Illustrator, it will show only the area which was inside the path.

Hence, everything outside the path of image is edited, and anyone can select whatever background color one wants to use.

The Actual Need of Clipping Path Service:

Generally clipping path service is for the entities who are involved in photography, advertising, designing, printing, etc. Many individuals and corporations sector need clipping path service for photo retouching and digital image corrections.

Where to get the clipping path service:

Since there are large  number of firms involves  in providing photo retouching, digital image editing and image correction services who provide photo treatment services in order  to diverse clientele – photographers, cataloging firms, advertising agencies, photo studios, magazines, printing press, web development companies, and graphic design firms.
A client just has to checking that the image correction service provider has sufficient experience and has a reputation for offering best grade of cost-effective services & quality, and is actually trusted by many individuals and group of organizations.